November Intentions - Blogger Collab

November Intentions - Blogger Collab

I entered September and October by setting low expectations and doing the bare minimum. I expected stress and I got stress. For the most part I handled it well. But I, with the help of Jazmine, created Monthly Intentions to challenge myself and keep myself accountable to others in a small community of people we've cultivated. So it's time to not set low expectations, it's time to challenge myself, to set the bar high, to take control and DO. How did I do on the low expectations I set this last month?

monthly intentions

I enjoyed myself immensely with Kevin's Dad!
I took lots of pictures!
We did a ton of exploring!
I kept up on my blog and it's content.
And I read four books.

This month though, I want to do all of this


1 non-fiction book 3 fiction books


Stick to my calendar Research stumbleupon Write and take pictures


30 day yoga challenge Track my eating


Find two events to go to this month Do a no electronics night Host a movie or game night

Besides setting higher expectations for myself, I want to talk about my Highs and Lows for October.

Hello November!

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The Lows

For the past year our life has consisted of D&D on Friday and Saturday nights. For the most part it's been good, until I find an event for us to go to. Events usual happen on one of those nights and then we have to choose. So we don't go out and we don't do new things and it's been this constant stagnant situation. While I enjoy D&D a lot, I need life to be more than just that and I want us to get out, explore the city. Originally I decided to just take a few weeks break, so the group decided to moved D&D Sundays. That move however created a bigger problem than Fridays did. It takes away more time from us as a couple than Friday's did. It's a frustration because we want to see our friends, we want to do game nights and enjoy things together with the group, but it isn't working. The result was both of us quitting. I'm not sure how I feel about the decision, more for Kevin than for myself. But I think we'll spend the next few months doing other things and see what life brings.

We've also been hit with lots of computer fun. My desktop was out for four days, Kevin's laptop was out for 8. He was able to pull them back from the brick of death. But we can no longer put off the fact that they need to be replaced and before they aren't blue screened forever with full loss of data. That is one massive expensive we were hoping to put off until the new year and now we are buying them in November, OUCH. At least Cyber Monday is a thing...

The Highs

While there are so many lows, there was also a lot of highs. We have done so much traveling these past two months. I have loved it so much, the experiences we created for ourselves have amazed us. But the best part is we did it on our own. I planned all of it, ever second of those trips, every detail, all the driving, all the phone calls, all the bills, expenses that was all ME and a bit of Kevin! Did things go perfectly, no?? But it was damn awesome and I don't think it could have gone better. Yes I might have set my goal expectations low for those months but I set my expectations high for good times and experiences. I think I pulled it off and I am so proud of myself for it. Friday I've got a post about Chicago and then I'm all caught up on everything we did.

Want to see all of it?

Road Trip - picking up my family, driving across the country, water-parks and some pretty awesome building exploration!
Taste of Madison - yummy, yummy food! My favorite baklava :)
Minnesota Adventures - from the renaissance to under the sea.
The Appleberry Farm - our first time picking apples!
House on the Rock - the craziest house I've ever seen built into the rock formations in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Dells - Zipline tours and Duckboats, aka adrenaline rush and scenery tour.

To end

I'd like to call it out to you, my dear readers. What are your expectations for the month? Would you like to join these ladies below and be a part our little community?

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