Building My Empire

I solemnly swear I am up to no good. In fact I'm building my place in the world one latte at a time. At least according to this shirt.

building my empire
building my empire

I got my first UniversiTee Box back in November when I did a post called "An Hour Throughout The Day". They liked the post so much that they offered me a discount to continue receiving their boxes and I said yes. The next two boxes were fabulous. And it as downhill from there. The payments for the box never came out on the same day each month and was not predictable. There were very little email notifications, for payment, shipping or news at all. Then they started sharing on social media about name changing. Following that my account could no longer be accessed, their webpage had no contact information. Finally I resorted to Twitter. It feels rude to complain on Twitter, it feels rude to write a blog post complaining. But here I am

I love the T-Shirt and the positive message this company wants to spread. Hell, this T-shirt says

Building my Empire with Endless Lattes

building my empire

Some of my most creative work has come out due to the boxes they've sent me. But customer service is huge for me. They responded three days later with a tweet and an email and a got a box in the mail, with my account being debited or a notification that this was happening! The box contained this shirt. 

I want to work with brands that are working towards a positive environment for and with women. Who create an atmosphere of happiness, health, and support. I want to build my empire to be a community of caring individuals. Actually I don't want to build an empire at all. I want to support others. I am good at customer service, response, emails, action. I want to work with people who need/want that and are responsive to that.

I appreciate my time with UniversiTee Box. Some boxes brought a lot of joy. Others created posts about my self-doubt. I learned a lot when it comes with saying yes. Being self hosted and unable to work has brought on a lot of challenges in learning how to find a balance. One day I hope I'll find the right one.

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