January Monthly Aspirations

January Monthly Aspirations
January Monthly Aspirations

HELLO 2016!

What an exciting time to be alive! I have so much I want to accomplish! To start I am hosting a Monthly Aspirations Link Up with Jazmine from Fairy Lights & Dreams. Details for link up at the bottom of this post! Today I am doing my 2016 Goals! Broken down into unique categories for my tracking purposes.

2016 Feminist Goals

Attend WisCon Continue with my Feminist Journey Posts Read 3-5 Feminist Books

2016 Fitness Goals

Find a consistent way of working out Participate in a run or walk in Madison Take out our Rock Climbing Gear

Personal Challenges

For the month of January, I am also challenging myself to take 5,000 steps 5 days a week. I need to get moving more and having a personal challenge should help! (I hope!)

I am also participating in Yoga Camp 30 Day Challenge. I hope I am not taking too much on. But fitness was a huge part of my life 3 plus years ago and it needs to become that again. I miss the happy feeling of my skin.

2016 Reading Goals

Read 100 Books Participate in some sort of reading challenge

2016 Eating Goals

Allow myself not to feel guilty for eating sugar. But make better choices about what I put into my body. I want it to last a good long time!

I actually have a blog dedicated to Food and Reading

Clutter Box Food and Book Ramblings

It's in the works, as I get it updated to cover previous years content. But I am pretty excited to have to have a secondary blog!

2016 Personal Goals

Complete everything on my Wisconsin To Do List Send many letters and packages to friends far away Continue writing Grow as a photographer

2016 Blogging Goals

Blogging is my full-time job. But unlike others, I don't make money at it. This is for two reasons

  1. I have a Dependent US Visa. Meaning I am not allowed to work or earn income.
  2. I don't want too. Honestly having that visa, just gave me an excuse to not try to monetize my blog. Maybe one day I will but for now, I just love to write. I hate all the blog 'promotion' there is out there. I don't want email subscribers pop ups on my blog (or any other blog for that matter, you get one I stop following). I am not selling a product, I am sharing my story and hopefully creating an environment others feel safe to do so as well.

That all said I still have blogging goals I am trying to reach. I made big steps towards that last year, first going self hosted and then joining Instagram and Pinterest.


is to increase my engagement on my blog.


is to build Monthly Aspirations into a community of Goal Orientated Bloggers.


I want to create community while staying true to myself.

What are your goals for the year?

January Aspirations

Monthly Aspiration Link-up happens the first Monday of every month! It is a place to share what you wish to accomplish each month and stay accountable. Our goal with this link up is to support, encourage, and motivate.

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