What we have done

So after my rant on Monday, I thought I would share what we have done since moving into our house.

Kevin started work

Which is the reason we moved in the first place. He got the job, he started the job, he got sick a week into the job. But other than that tiny set back, that job has gone well. I haven't gone on a full tour of his environment yet. But suffice enough to say, the director's are very creative and while they expect you to work hard, they give you a great place to work in. This is Kevin and I in the tree house.

Yes, his work as a tree house!

We went "Looking"

I was going to use the word "Shopping" but looking is a better definition of what I have been doing.

I have explored new places, as mentioned in this post. In order to explore though we had to rent a car, which costs us roughly $60/day. I feel that renting a car is a huge waste of money. So everyday we have it, I make sure I have a ton of things to do during the day and a list of things to show Kevin at night.

I check out furniture stores, grocery stores, and the area we now live in. I have looked at couches, chairs, curtains, plants, rugs and so much more. All so that when we decided what we are buying I can just make quick trips to gather it all up while Kevin is at work. It means that my days have been incredibly busy and our nights are insanity (and that's probably the reason he got sick). The only things we have actually bought out of that stack of pictures is everything in the target grocery cart and the cupcake tray.

Then We Went Shopping

Furniture - The List of Needs

We used our outdoor bench as our 'couch' for the first week in our house but quickly found that we couldn't sit on it together. A - it's small, good for the patio but not for relaxing. B - I got sick if Kevin rocked it, boo. So first priority was a couch, reading chair and a desk.

And while we didn't end up purchasing any of those couches pictured above. We did find a nice black couch, a reading chair, and two beautiful desks. All a hundred under budget. Having no way of transporting things we had to wait for it all to arrive (quiet impatiently). Yes we got everything on our need list under budget. But it's the small things that start to add up that you didn't realize were needs.

Take the bathroom, for example. You need a soap dispenser, tooth-brush holder, towels, shower curtain and floor mat. Then there was our bedroom mattress. After months of sleeping in strange beds, I really wanted something super comfy and our bed wasn't that anymore. I don't know if it's because of being in storage for so long but the mattress seems to have gotten harder. I ended up buying an electronic heated padded mattress cover. The main reason I went heated, was because it was the only quality one that wasn't made of memory foam (I am allergic).

Those expenses added up, cost of $300. And suddenly we are over budget. Thankfully I had also set aside some play funds, so I dipped into that. The play funds were suppose to be for the fun parts of decorating - curtains, pillows, plants. That's exactly what I ended up using that money for. (except the dragon, he was a wedding present)

So as things come I will get pictures posted. Decorating takes time and money. And I am not willing to go into debt to finish my house instantly. I also want to create a home we love for many years to come.

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