Love Notes

I don't know about you, but Kevin and I are not love note type of people. I tend to write things, he sometimes gets to read them and sometimes doesn't. Usually it's for his birthday, I write something cheesey for the blog and share pictures of what we did that day. He usually gets me the sweetest cards and writes "I love you Kevin". We're basic and easy. So for today the Relationship Challenge is

Leave a special note in their lunch, purse or wallet that they find on the way to work

As neither of us are working and we are always together, we haven't texted an "I love you" in a week. It's been absolutely fabulous getting to spend all this time together, because I know it's not going to stay this way forever. For today, however I thought I would share what I have written to Kevin on his past birthdays.



Happy Birthday to my best friend, my confidant, the person who makes me smile the most .The best hugger in the world. The person I can't wait to get home too. The one who has changed my life for the better I love you and I hope you have a fabulous Birthday!!



Dearest Kevin,
Thank you for going back to school so I can 'sit on a beach'.
Thank you for buying tickets to the Orchestra for something to look forward to during this winter semester.
Thank you for being wonderful and posing with me.
Thank you for being so supportive and wonderful these last three stressful weeks. Totally looking forward to next summer, if things work out the way we want them too.
I love you with all my heart! :)



I got Mr. Rockband for his birthday. It's what he wanted, I gave in (I've been saying no for three years).



Mr.'s birthday tomorrow!! He made a list of stuff he wanted and is pretty much getting everything on the list So I haven't been stressing about it.

I am missing 2015 and 2012. I also didn't write notes to him for 2011 and 2010, those are just blog post words I had originally written and they are too good not to share.

Do you write love notes? If you do, what do you write? If you don't how do you express yourself?

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