Review of the 21 Day Challenge

Review of the 21 Day Challenge

So you might remember my post about starting the 21 Day Challenge! It is so hard to believe that the challenge is already over! Lots of things to cover! 21 Days = 139,211 Steps = 57.9 miles or 93.18 kilometers

According to my Garmin Connect that's 11 days in the green of reaching my goals and 10 days in the red.

Down 4 pounds

And it's those ten days in the red that shifted things for me. It started with Sex in the Pan. That picture at the top, is the dessert I had requested for the family camping trip. While it is definitely not my type of dessert, it does require one of my favorite things - cream cheese!

Once that dessert was made, cream cheese is all I wanted!! To be honest, that's okay. At the end of the day it's all about ensuring proper eating. Meaning real food and not all sugar!! Most other meals were similar to these! With the meat switching out for ribs or steaks on different occasions.

That said there were a few other exceptions. One being when Kevin left the Country for his interview. Before hand, we had dinner with a friend and tried out the Pie Cloud. It was totally worth it! Bacon lattice is very interesting, I don't like crispy bacon and to make a lattice work you would have to crisp it up. But it looks cool.

Breakfast consisted of Greek Yogurt, Granola and some kind of fruit.

For exercise - I don't really know how much running we did. I ran 4 times on my own, twice with Karen and Kevin, and once with Kevin. It might have been twice with Kevin. We did one workout video and decided we both didn't like them and that's when the focused changed to running. We definitely need to figure out a good way to cross train. It's all about habits.

I am proud of what we did and I am looking forward to these habits continuing. Let me know how your fitness journey is going below!!

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