I'm a Dreamer

Kevin has started applying for jobs. And with each location he applies for I have a different dream. I wish I had started keeping track of them. Here are the few I do remember Vancouver We share this cute apartment with another couple, but somehow we have separate living rooms and a guest room. I apply for UBC and a professor discovers my blog, becomes my mentor and we build my project for the 5 years I am in school. By the end of the five years he dies and I get his job... WTF

San Diego Kevin gets an amazing job with Google, and while we are there for his final interview and the signing of all the documents I meet his boss. Who introduces me to someone else, who introduces me to someone else. By the time we are leaving I have a job; creating four annual festivals for Google and I am left on my own to hire my staff and get started. We come back to Calgary to move our stuff down and I hire two of the amazing people I worked with at the festivals here. We go on to create 8 amazing festivals for 2 years, then I quit and go back to school. Still occasionally volunteering.

Wisconsin The Wisconsin company is in a small town and to help us settle in give us a down payment for a house. We choose this 100-year-old run-down. I spend the next year working two days a week at a cute retail store and 4 days a week restoring the house on my own. I redo every inch of it, with the help of Skype calls with Kevin's Dad and Youtube. In the end we have 6 bedroom, 7 baths, 2 offices, a giant workout room, theater room and a mother-in-law suite... It's amazing and Kevin's family comes camping for a week and we throw a magnificent party. The second the house is done I adopt a Poodle name Texan...

Texas I spend my days in glorious coffee shops, blogging the hours away. We spend our nights going to festivals, concerts, and the orchestra. It is beautiful and hot. I get a Southern Accent that won't shake it when we move away. As time goes on I become a crazy loud feminist.

London We spend our first year in a tiny 500 square bachelor pad. But the second year we buy a beautiful corner cobblestone. One day as I am locking the door to our house to walk our beautiful poodle Maximus, our neighbor, a 90 year-old lady, falls down the stairs outside her house. I call 911 and sit with her to wait. She begs me not to leave her when she gets transported and I spend the next week by her side at the hospital, with a broken hip. When she is finally released, we've become great friends and due to her mobility issues, Kevin and I take care of her house, do her laundry and get her groceries. We spend a great year getting to know her, when one day she doesn't answer my knock. Using my key to get in the door I discover her past away in her bed looking peacefully.

I don't know what any of these dreams mean. It shall be interesting to see what happens.

Also I get one poodle named Texan and another named Maximus...

Also everyone dies!!

Happy Monday!!

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