July Goals!

July Goals!

HAPPY BELATED Canada Day!!! Gratch in Canada Hat and Scarf I'm a day late because I didn't want to go off my schedule! But that's okay!! I have decided to 'copy' Bella Brita with her monthly goals formating. So first up we have

For My Blog: Get ahead on Search for Understanding Project Search for my ad swap possibilities Go through email and check out network opportunities, respond, catch up and sign up

For My Health: Spend sometime in the sun with sun protection on, no burning! Go for 3-5 bike rides Start running Do the 21-Day Challenge with Karen Do the 21-Day Free Mediation Challenge *message me for details!

For Kevin and I: Try not to disrupt Kevin's parents lives too much Met with Kevin's Aunt and Uncle about their house Take the time to apply for allot of jobs Take time with each other Discuss our future and make plans

For The Brain: (aka reading) Catch up Instead of individual po st, combine 5 or 6 books

You can see my early goals here. And lastly here's a picture of my looking exhausted with my cute nephew!!

Sam and Me

Happy Thursday!!

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