For the past five years I have been thinking and debating on one consistent thing and finally one day I just woke up and decided I needed it done.
The left image was my original inspiration. However when cut down to the size I wanted it just didn't look the way I kept envisioning it. On the right is the wrist all wrapped up after getting inked! I am very thankful I was driving for two hours afterwards because otherwise I would have pestered it none stop. Driving made me concentrate on something else. The concentration wasn't because it was hurting or anything. It hurt minimally and didn't bleed and took 10 minutes. When you have a massive bandage on your arm and something awesome hiding underneath, temptation to peak is strong!!

For the ink, I went to the Arthouse Tattoo Shop and saw Kristen. While she wasn't the most friendliest person she was super efficient and didn't make me nervous. If I had been spooked I think I would have flown out of there so quickly. But she was super efficient and her causal attitude worked in both our favors. I think I surprised her when I said it was my first one because of how sure of myself, I was when I went in there. I knew exactly what I wanted and didn't hesitate. I went in there and just said I want this, she asked when and I said now. Once she learned it was my first one, her attitude completely changed and she slowed down. By then though everything had been set up, so even if I had wanted to it would have been too late to chicken out. Though I very much would not have, I appreciate how she handled things.

I choose the words believe, to remind myself to believe in myself. My strength comes from within and not from others. Allot of people related the words to religion and I understand that thought process. But the word inked on me doesn't reflect that. I have always struggled with personal believe in myself. I don't have many role models of woman who are assertive, respected and driven. I wanted the tattoo as I reminder to myself to believe in who I am and to not trust in others belief in me.

It is not religious
It is not a message to anyone but myself.
And it is exactly what I needed

EDIT: I got this tattoo September 26 2014.

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